2023 Company Creator Insights

Vault Fund invests exclusively in company creation entities (“company creators”), otherwise known as venture studios. Vault defines a company creator as an entity that serves as the founder or co-founder across their portfolio. Investing in this space since 2015, the leaders of Vault Fund strongly believe that company creation funds have business model advantages to scale innovation and build high-quality, resilient companies that create portfolio-level alpha more efficiently.

Company Creators continue to drive strong returns but are poorly understood. Company Creation Firms are growing around the world and in every sector. The data produced provides a better understanding of the success and expansion of the model. This dataset aims to provide a better understanding of the structures, ownerships, and outcomes of the company creation category. The pace of expansion among company creators is significant, and clear patterns are emerging from the industry. Providing industry-level data can help the category optimize across structure, process, and talent. This paper is the culmination of our discussions with over 140 studios worldwide over the last 30 months. The company creation fund space is not currently well understood by traditional investors due to the lack of data and tenure that exists for the business model. Vault’s exclusive focus on this category has driven an inclusive dataset to track variables around process, ownership, and structure.

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